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InfoQ Homepage News VersionOne announces V1: Team Edition

VersionOne announces V1: Team Edition

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VersionOne recently launched V1: Agile Team, a lightweight application that gives smaller projects or teams new to agile software development a way to get started with planning and tracking Agile projects. With V1: Agile Team a single team has the capability to manage their product and sprint backlogs, get interactive "taskboards" and "testboards" for day to day development activities, view progress of activities through various reports and burn graphs, and more.

Among these capabilities, users of V1: Agile Team can:
  • Quickly import stories and defects from a spreadsheet and manage a consolidated product backlog
  • Easily plan and prioritize stories via simple multi-item drag and drop functionality
  • Efficiently plan multiple releases and sprints via an electric whiteboard interface
  • Visually track releases and sprints through an interactive Taskboard, Testboard and Daily Scrum dashboard
  • Automatically generate key Agile metrics such as Burndown, Velocity, Estimate trends (Burnup) and Cumulative Flow Reports for releases and sprints
Robert Holler, founder and CEO of VersionOne, has this to say:
Today many software development teams rely on spreadsheets, bug trackers, emails and homegrown time-tracking tools to manage Agile development projects. These tools can be cumbersome and time consuming, particularly when trying to consolidate and share project status information with remote team members and stakeholders.

Our goal with V1: Agile Team is to provide customers a quicker, easier and more powerful way to plan and track a software development project. Now small teams have an efficient and cost-effective way to instantly gain visibility into their agile projects.
V1: Agile Team is extensible via a developer API/SDK and has free support for many third-party development tools such as Subversion, CruiseControl, Bugzilla, FitNesse, and others. For a limited time V1: Agile Team is available for free for an unlimited number of users. See the VersionOne site for more info including an online demonstration or to request an on-demand or on-site copy of V1: Agile Team.

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