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Chris Price

Profile page created Mar 17, 2024

Software Engineer @Momento


Chris Price is a Software Engineer at Momento, where he helped design and build Momento’s cellular architecture and the corresponding CI/CD automation. His interest in infrastructure automation began at Puppet Labs, during the genesis of the DevOps movement. After 5 years in a tech lead role at Puppet, Chris moved on to AWS, where he helped build the foundation for the brand new AWS MediaTailor service, a core component of Amazon’s NFL Thursday Night Football broadcasts and one of the first services inside of AWS to launch with a cellular architecture on Day 1. Now at Momento, Chris is passionately working to improve the productivity and happiness of all engineers who have ever experienced the “joys” of building and operating a cache cluster, by contributing to Momento’s serverless caching products. When he escapes from the keyboard, you will most likely find him in the garden or on a bike ride in his beautiful home town of Portland, OR.