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Dan Haywood

Profile page created Jul 19, 2012

DDD proponent, Apache Isis committer, Consultant & Architect
Dan Haywood blogs at


DAN HAYWOOD is an independent consultant, architect and developer, best known for his work on domain-driven design and the naked objects pattern. Since 2004 Dan has been a technical advisor for the Irish Government's strategic Naked Objects system on .NET, an application that administers many EUR billions in social welfare benefit payments. And since 2012 he has also been a key developer on Estatio, an open source estate management application written for Eurocommercial Properties, implemented on (and a key driven of) the Apache Isis open source framework. Dan's book "Domain Driven Design using Naked Objects" (pragprog) was praised as "an important contribution to DDD" and a "clear and passionate book about a great subject". He has subsequently written the "Restful Objects Specification" a generalisation of the naked objects paradigm for hypermedia APIs, and set to be the basis for future versions of the frameworks. More recently Dan has taken issue with the microservices hype, mounting a defence of the (modular) monolith (