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David Asher

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Software development manager at AWS, still codes for fun.
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David Asher is presently a software development manager at AWS. He was recently the Head of IoT Cloud Platform at Bose, building out a talented team that created infrastructure and operations on Kubernetes and AWS to support millions of the company’s smart speakers, soundbars, headphones, and wearables. He has previously led a product management life: for the low-code mobile startup ViziApps; owning the Iron Mountain Digital portfolio of SaaS data protection products; and with Dialogic in the telecom industry. Asher still codes to stay out of trouble: his Freedom Trail Boston mobile app was a popular tour guide on iOS and Android for a number of years; Electron-Firebase was recently published open-source to NPM and is a quick-start integration framework; and he’s just returned to embedded coding for his never-ending theremin project (but this time as an IoT device). Asher holds an MBA, MSEE in Signal Processing, and BS in Physics and Computer Science.


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