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David Rant

Profile page created Apr 03, 2023

Engineering Lead at Gearset


David Rant is an Engineering Lead at Gearset, and has been with the company for just over 2 years, joining mid-pandemic when there were still less than 100 people. At university he originally started out as a medical student, but after a while made the switch into software engineering and hasn't looked back since. He's worked in a variety of companies, wearing various hats including software and devops engineering roles, more people-focused roles as a team lead, and has worked in a bunch of different domains including psychometrics, unified communications, autonomous vehicle simulation, semantic web, and now Salesforce. He's particularly interested in distributed systems and cloud native technologies, loves an opportunity to get involved with coaching and mentoring, and is working towards a degree in embedded electronics part-time around work. He lives in Norfolk, UK with his brilliant wife Catherine, and energetic spaniel Olive.