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Dion Stewart

Profile page created Dec 23, 2019

Software Developer, Coach, Mentor


Dion is a software developer, coach, and mentor. He specializes in helping organizations with project to product transformations and in creating and running Dojos. He was first exposed to the values, principles, and practices that were eventually codified into the Extreme Programming methodology as a Smalltalk developer in the late 1990s. He has a Masters degree in Software Engineering and undergraduate degrees in Music and English Literature. He’s studied Scrum with Ken Schwaber, Lean Software Development with Tom and Mary Poppendieck, and complexity theory and sensemaking with Dave Snowden. For the past 15 years, he’s been helping teams and organizations adopt agile and lean software development and product planning practices. He’s also spoken at QCon San Francisco, Craft Conf, DDD Europe, Explore DDD, Agile Alliance conferences, Agile and Beyond, Agile Dev West, Agile Day Twin Cities, Agile Day Chicago, and Agile Day Atlanta. He was a member of the Object Technology User Group in St. Paul, MN and served as the group’s president for a year. He has co-authored two books - "Creating Your Dojo: Upskill Your Organization for Digital Evolution" and "Coaching for Learning: The Art and Practice".