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Joel Tosi

Profile page created Dec 19, 2018

Coach | Author


Joel is a hands-on collaborator and community builder. In his current endeavors, Joel helps organizations becoming learning organizations via immersive learning - Dojos. Spanning the complete value stream from ideation and discovery through maneuverable architecture and responsible engineering and operations, Joel works directly with your teams and your leadership to evolve towards better products and better outcomes. In his current role and in the past, Joel has collaborated with large and small organizations on ways to improve their product delivery and their organization culture. These engagements have spanned infrastructure and DevOps, agile / XP / lean / SCRUM coaching, as well as facilitating innovation workshops. Joel is a public speaker, presenting at a few conferences a year as well as quite a few user groups throughout the central US. Additionally, Joel has organized and facilitated the Simple Design and Test Conference two times. Agile advocate with experience in corporate transformation, coaching projects, coaching coaches, and teaching agile practices across the delivery stack.