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Lena Reinhard

Profile page created Feb 21, 2021

Leadership & Executive Coach


95% of tech organizations' challenges aren't about tech. I got into tech to help teams fix them. What I'm doing right now:
- Coaching & mentoring managers, technical leaders, and executives and helping them confidently build high-performing teams and organizations.
- Consulting organizations on improving their hiring and delivery, or developing better structures to improve results. I run organizational assessments to help teams get an honest outside perspective and understand their weaknesses and levers for improvements, and help startups get in shape for their next funding round.
- Training teams of leaders. My tailored program helps teams of managers and leaders develop new skills quickly and put them into practice, e.g. in people management, feedback, and delivery. I also run public training, e.g. as part of the global LeadDev conference series.
Find out more on my website and contact me to use my expertise to help you achieve your goals.