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Liz Rice

Profile page created Dec 24, 2019

Chief Open Source Officer at Isovalent


I'm focused on containers, cloud native technologies, security and distributed systems, and I’m heavily involved in open source as the chair the Technical Oversight Committee of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, and an ambassador for OpenUK. I'm the author of "Container Security" published by O'Reilly, and I'm a regular keynote and conference speaker in the cloud native and DevOps communities. I'm probably best known for my "... from scratch" conference talks where I live-code interesting bits of technology - for example, a container or a debugger, in a few lines of Go. I love inventing and building! I have lots of software engineering, people and product management experience in digital technology sectors including cloud native, VOD, music and VoIP. I've worked in both back-end systems software and consumer-facing products, from innovation through to product strategy and implementation.