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Olga Kubassova

Profile page created May 06, 2024

PhD | President @IAG, Image Analysis Group


Mathematician, PhD Computer Scientist and Entrepreneur with passion for growing businesses and actively managing innovation in life science companies, strategy and capital raising. Olga has founded her first company out of her PhD and grew it into a successful global business, Image Analysis Group. It is dedicated to improving people’s health by assisting drug development companies in getting new drugs to the market faster. Olga closely works with innovators and investors to identify other innovative approaches to clinical research, disruptive technology platforms and novel therapeutics. Olga is an active researcher and co-author of 120+ publications. She thrives on seeing cutting-edge science transform into tangible benefits for patients. She is a scientific adviser and venture partner to several investment funds, biotechnology and pharma companies. She advices many government bodies in the UK, EU and USA on deployment capital in life sciences. She is a founding member of 'The 2% club' to support women in leadership positions, scholar of the Royal Society of Medicine, Royal Academy of Engineering, alumni of several business leadership programs by Goldman Sachs, Oxford Said Business School, Business School of University of Leeds, alumni of Business Programme by the New York Economic Development (New York Venture Fellows), 4 time winner of the national and international 'Entrepreneur of the Year' award.