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Robert Hurlbut

Profile page created Apr 29, 2024

Principal Application Security Architect @Aquia


Robert Hurlbut is a Principal Application Security Architect / Threat Modeling Lead @ Aquia | Ph.D. student @ CapTechU | Application Security Podcast Co-Host. He is a long-time software developer, software architect, and application security / threat modeling leader, working to help developers, software architects, project managers, and others on project teams to understand more about secure software design and architecture through threat modeling and other secure application initiatives. Robert is a strong advocate for creating, building, and sustaining a Threat Modeling Program in an organization as well as creating, building, and sustaining Security Champion Programs. Since May, 2023, Robert has been a Ph.D. in Space Cybersecurity student @ Capitol Technology University, focused on Threat Modeling and Secure Software Design, Architecture, and Development for New Space Systems. Robert is also co-author of the Threat Modeling Manifesto (2020) and of the Threat Modeling Capabilities Model (2024)