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Shailesh Rangari

Profile page created Dec 15, 2023

Senior Engineering Manager at Workday Inc.


Shailesh Y Rangari is a security engineering leader who thrives on driving initiatives, changing opinions, and improving the culture of an enterprise. As a Senior Engineering Manager at Workday Inc., he oversees SDLC security and governance and aligns CI/CD processes with Workday's 'run what you build' philosophy. Before joining Workday, Shailesh was pivotal in reshaping AppDynamics' security engineering program, turning it into a well-organized structure supported by strong leadership, data-driven decision-making, and a proactive security mindset. His track record includes effectively utilizing offensive security strategies to identify vulnerabilities and assess foundational risks, contributing to enhancing security postures at NVIDIA and Caterpillar Inc. He graduated from The Johns Hopkins University's Information Security Institute with a degree in Security Informatics.