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Trista Pan

Profile page created Aug 01, 2022

CTO & Co-founder of SphereEx
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SphereEx Co-Founder & CTO, Apache Member & Incubator Mentor, Apache ShardingSphere PMC, AWS Data Hero, China Mulan Open Source Community Mentor, Tencent Cloud TVP. She used to be responsible for the design and development of the intelligent database platform of JD Digital Science and Technology. She now focuses on the distributed database & middleware ecosystem, and open-source community. Recipient of the “2020 China Open-Source Pioneer” award & the “2021 OSCAR 2021 Top Open Source Pioneer”.2021 CSDN IT Leading Personality. Her paper “Apache ShardingSphere:A Holistic and Pluggable Platform for Data Sharding” was published on ICDE in 2022. Elected as “Chief Technology Officier of the Year” by Globee Awards in 2022.