V-Play Enables Qt-based Cross-platform Native Mobile App Development

by Sergio De Simone on  Nov 04, 2015 3

V-Play is a desktop and mobile cross-platform development solution based on Qt. V-Play aims to make it easier for developers to create apps by using JavaScript and QML, Qt 5's declarative language. V-Play supports iOS, Android, WindowsPhone, BlackBerry and other mobile platforms. InfoQ has spoken to Christian Feldbacher, CEO & Co-Founder of V-Play.

Douglas Crockford Previews His Idea For a New Web

by David Iffland on  Jul 06, 2015

At the Angular U conference in San Francisco, Douglas Crockford presented a radical new idea for upgrading the web. His proposal would replace parts of the web that don't work with newer, more secure alternatives, leaving behind existing web techologies such as SSL, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Qt 5.4 Released

by Sergio De Simone on  Dec 22, 2014

Lars Knoll, QT project chief maintainer, announced the release of Qt 5.4, offering many improvements in the area of web technologies, full support for Qt on Windows runtime, new features for graphics handling, and a new licensing model.

Qt Quick 5.1 Now Available with Layouts, Controls, Views, Tab Navigation and Window Improvements

by Anand Narayanaswamy on  Jun 26, 2013

Qt Quick 5.1 has been released with support for layouts, views, tab key navigation, standard dialogs in addition to new controls and Windows improvements.

In Case You Missed It: Qt 5.0

by Jonathan Allen on  Feb 07, 2013

Qt 5 was released with a heavy emphasis on its declarative programming language, QML. Based on CSS and JavaScript, it allows developers to quickly add user interfaces to applications written in a wide variety of languages.

Community-Driven Research: Most Important and Mature Cross Platform Mobile Tools?

by Dio Synodinos on  Aug 21, 2012

InfoQ's research initiative continues with a 4th question: "What are the Most Important and Mature Cross Platform Mobile Tools?". This is a new service we hope will provide you with up-to-date & bias-free community-based insight into trends & behaviors that affect enterprise software development. Unlike traditional vendor/analyst-based research, our research is based on answers provided by YOU.

Qt for Java Preview Released

by Scott Delap on  Aug 01, 2006

TrollTech has released a preview of their popular Qt UI toolkit for Java 5.0 based on Qt version 4.1.3. The product named Jambi includes most of the core Qt modules such as Core, GUI, OpenGL and SQL.