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  • Maven, Ant, Rake: JRuby 1.5 Enhances Configuration Management

    With its upcoming 1.5 release, anticipated at the end of April, the JRuby project is continuing to improve interoperability between Java and Ruby by providing integration with Maven, Ant and Rake. Ruby developers will be able to take greater advantage of strengths of the Java platform, while Java developers will find more reasons to mix Ruby tools into their existing projects.

  • 3 Ruby Project Time Savers: Hoe 2.0.0, YARD, Whenever

    We take a look at 3 tools that will help streamline Ruby projects. Hoe 2.0.0 sets up projects and is now extensible with plugins. YARD is a documentation generator like RDoc and it's now powered by a new faster parsing strategy. Finally: Whenever takes care of defining and updating your crontab file - and it's configured with Ruby code.

  • Chef Configuration and Provisioning Tool Announced

    Chef, a new Ruby-based configuration and provisioning tool, has been announced. Chef offers integration with multiple tools and platforms across extended networks, using "cookbooks" to define how to install and update applications across large networks like large web server farms, or cloud-computing platforms.

  • Presentation: JRuby: Not Just Another JVM Language

    In this presentation from QCon San Francisco 2007, JRuby project lead Charles Nutter discusses the Ruby and JRuby featureset, the JRuby compiler, calling Java from JRuby and vice versa, programming Swing with JRuby, JRuby web applications, JRuby on Rails, persistence, build automation, Test-Driven Development and Behaviour-Driven Development.

  • Presentation: Ruby and the Art of Domain Specific Languages

    Rich Kilmer gives an introduction to the art of creating Domain Specific Languages in Ruby. The presentation gives a basic introduction, but moves on to useful distinctions in DSL styles, such as implicit vs. explicit internal DSLs or declarative vs. imperative DSLs. A look at a long list of real world DSLs Rich has created rounds of the presentation.

  • Ruby 1.9 released

    Ruby 1.9 has just been released, bringing a host of new features and improvements. Speed improvements come from the new YARV VM, concurrency features were updates with native threading and Fibers, and language changes such as a new Hash literal syntax tighten the language. We take a look at some of the features and where to find information about Ruby 1.9.

  • Apache to incubate its first Ruby Project: Buildr - Ruby Build System for Java Projects

    Buildr is a simple and intuitive build system for Java projects. After 10 months of development and a lot of positive feedback, it will be incubated by the Apache Foundation, which will be opening its doors to its first Ruby project.

  • Capistrano gets competition: Vlad the Deployer

    Capistrano, a popular deployment tool for Rails, is challenged by Vlad the Deployer, a tool which offers similar functionality with a much simpler implementation. We talked to the Ruby Hit Squad group that released version 1.0 of Vlad.

  • Digging Deeper Into The Myths of Ruby vs. Java

    Stuart Halloway of Relevance recently wrote a series of blog posts on "Ruby vs. Java Myths". The series was prompted after he switched gears from working on a green field Ruby project back to a well established Java project.

  • When Ruby Builds Faster Than Java: Buildr

    Maven 2.0 recalcitrants have been looking for alternatives with less XML and easier plugin development. Buildr might be the solution, and even boasts faster performance than Maven!

  • Article: Changing the Present Case Study

    In an exclusive InfoQ case study, popular author Bruce Tate reveals the technical details behind the extraordinary web 2.0 charity site,

  • JRake: Ant-Killer Combo of JRuby and Rake

    As JRuby becomes a viable solution for real development tasks, former ThoughtWorker Matt Foemmel is hard at work improving the world of build scripts by replacing ant with rake. He's winning fans among heavy-hitters such as Martin Fowler.

  • JRake: Build, Test, and Deploy Java applications without XML

    JRake is the latest entry in build tools for Java that is based on a scripting language. JRake leverages JRuby and the Rake build tool for Ruby to make building, running tests, and deploying web applications quick and easy.

  • Rails LiveCD Linux Distro Announced

    Brian Ketelsen announced the initial release of the new Ruby on Rails LiveCD Linux Distribution. The RailsLiveCD includes all the software needed to run Ruby on Rails development. You can set your computer to boot first from CD and try this Ruby on Rails specific distribution of Linux without altering your computer at all.

  • Heartbeat for Rails Apps

    Heartbeat, the Railsday 2006 app from Highgroove Studios in Atlanta, lets you monitor the uptime of URLs and run your application's rake tasks from a single web page.