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Heartbeat for Rails Apps

Heartbeat is a web interface for maintaining and monitoring your Ruby on Rails applications. With Heartbeat, you can monitor the uptime of URLs and run your application's rake tasks from a single web page. No server-side install is required and it is inherently extensible since it executes any rake task that you specify.

Heartbeat was created by Derek Haynes and Charles Brian Quinn of the  Highgroove Studios team for Rails Day 2006. Both guys are well-known in the Atlanta Ruby community and user group. The evolution of the app over 24 hours of commit messages is interesting.

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Community comments

  • to save a little bit of grace

    by Charles Brian Quinn,

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    You know, 19 hours into coding on a 24 hour application will make you write comments like:

    Revision #37 by Charles Brian Quinn: FINALLY GOT THAT BIATCH TO WORK - yeah dogg -- backgroundrb task with rake task to start entire system, polling and ready to rock and roooooooooll!!!!111!!1!!11! (19:10)

    Yikes! Thanks for the immortalization, Obie!

  • Re: to save a little bit of grace

    by Obie Fernandez,

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    That was the greatest comment ever! ;)

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Allowed html: a,b,br,blockquote,i,li,pre,u,ul,p


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