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  • Driving Employee Retention and Performance through Recruiting

    With employee turnover expected to reach all-time highs, improving retention must start with a recruiting approach that connects meaning, and a mission, to each position and for every candidate. Recruiting expert Shannon Pritchett shares how organizations can improve future tenure through the recruiting experience, with technology and insight to impact candidate selection, outreach, and nurturing.

  • The Top Three Priorities for Engineering Leaders in 2022 and beyond

    For engineering leaders, the Great Resignation has made it clear that maintaining employee satisfaction should be a top priority in the coming year. In 2022 and beyond, engineering leaders need to invest in developing a strong engineering culture, using data-driven decision-making to lead their teams, and to prioritize people before performance.

  • Only the Agile Survive in Today’s Ever-Changing Business Environment

    Today's business environments are changing more rapidly than ever before, with major shifts impacting all departments. Ongoing success requires the agility to quickly capitalize on opportunities, using technology to evolve and stay ahead of the game in employee retention, customer satisfaction, governance and compliance. Indeed, your ability to act swiftly can truly make or break your company.

  • Q&A on the Book "Agile People"

    Pia-Maria Thorén has written a book titled Agile People, in which she challenges the role of Human Resources in organisations, identifies where the current approaches are not working and why they need to change to support modern organisational thinking.

  • Q&A on the Book Scaling Teams

    The book Scaling Teams by Alexander Grosse and David Loftesness provides strategies and practices for managing teams in fast growing organizations. It explores five areas which often pose challenges when organizations need to scale -- hiring, people management, organization, culture and communication -- and gives solutions for recognizing and dealing with those challenges.