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  • Linda Rising Talks About Incentives at GOTO Amsterdam 2013

    The third annual GOTO Amsterdam conference covers Java, Mobile, Cloud, OpenSource, Lean/Agile, Architecture, New Languages & Process communities. The first day started with a keynote by Linda Rising, exploring research on incentives starting from the industrial age, and looked at how it is being doing in practice by managers with development teams. InfoQ interviewed Linda about her experiences.

  • Does Agile Limit Financial Rewards for an Individual?

    Tom Reynolds mentioned an interesting comment, that he had heard about the reluctance of people to move to Scrum. The reason quoted was that Scrum would have a direct impact on their financial rewards as it places a lot of emphasis on teams and not the individual.

  • Cost Justifying an Agile Migration

    Show me the money - cost justification of Agile migration is a thorny issue. Agile approaches are more successful, deliver value sooner and produce better quality products, but how do we prove it? This article discusses measurements and presents results that help to justify adopting Agile methods.

  • Distributing Bonus to Agile Teams is Like Playing with Dynamite

    Everyone is excited when bonus is declared. However, for Agile teams it could eventually become a make-or-break situation. The general consensus is that distributing bonus should be a 'well thought-out' strategy there is no 'one size fits all' here. In an interesting discussion on the Lean Development group, people share their thoughts to find the best way.

  • Predictions: The Changing World of IT Work

    In a recent Datamation article, James Maguire noted the challenge of staying employed in an environment in which the rules are continually rewritten. He spoke with Gartner analyst Diane Morello for 5 predictions for those of us thinking about career directions over the next five years.

  • Dangling the Right "Carrot" in Changing Times

    For organizations heavily dependent on software development, the shift to Agile affects core aspects of the business. Eventually there will be ripples felt in the HR domain of incentives, performance and remuneration. Wharton University brings us an article on Employee Incentive Systems: Why, and When, They Are So Hard to Change. Examples are cited from Kodak, Accenture, Microsoft.