Top 20 Web Frameworks for the JVM

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InfoQ's research widget has been deprecated. It should continue to work however, and we hope to relaunch it at some point in the future.

Web application frameworks are designed to support the development of dynamic websites, web applications and web services, by alleviating the overhead associated with commonly performed activities, boilerplate code, etc. For example, many frameworks provide facilities for database access, templating, session management, and more. Since the early days of Java, there have been many frameworks and libraries that have tried to improve web developers productivity and this trend has continued with JVM languages like Groovy, Scala, JRuby, Clojure, and more.

Using the new community research tool, we at InfoQ want to get YOUR opinions on the relative importance and maturity of a variety of web frameworks that are targeted for the JVM. Please vote by dragging each practice across two dimensions – how important is the framework relative to the other frameworks, and how much is it actually used in real teams and projects.

This is an initial list - please tell us which other frameworks we should include in future versions of this community survey so we can improve the tool and provide information that will be useful to the community.

The frameworks are:


JRuby Groovy Java Scala Clojure
JRuby on Rails (JRoR) Grails JSF, Netty, Seam, Sitemesh, Spark, Spring MVC, Stripes, Struts, VRaptor, Wicket Lift, Scalatra Cascade, Conjure, Compojure, Noir
Vert.x (*)    

(*) Vert.x also supports JavaScript and Python.



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Cascade? by Howard Lewis Ship

Odd to see Cascade here ... I mean, thanks, but I haven't had a spare moment to develop it in nearly a year. All my efforts are going into Tapestry.

Frameworks list by Francois MAROT

Struts ? Let's assume it's Struts 2 you're refering to ! ;)
And where's GWT ? (and Vaadin...)

vert.x should be in the JRuby, Java AND Groovy columns... by Pid ster

because it's a polyglot framework...

Re: Frameworks list by Piotr Jagielski

Aggravating! by Alph NONE

So...this asks you to login to infoq. Don't really know why but...OK.
Then it asks for your google/facebook/twitter info. ummm...don't want to do this, but OK, I guess.
Then it asks to be allowed to link the accounts. NO.
Then it bombs.

My votes are for Grails, Spring MVC, vert.x, lift, play. But it sadly won't get counted 'cos I'm not bothering with this nasty invasive voting system again.

JavaScript and Python too by Tim Fox

It would nice to see columns for JavaScript and Python too on the diagram, as arguably these are the most popular languages in the web development world, and JavaScript (at least) is set to become way more popular on the JVM going ahead, imho.

Where is the Click? by Gilberto C Andrade

Where is the Apache Click Framework?

Seam by Lucian O

Yesss, Seam :-)

Netty - Does not make sense. by Felipe Oliveira

Does not make sense compare Netty framework with MVCs and Component Based that address Web view solutions. Netty is a framework to build a base of MQ technologies among others.

Re: JavaScript and Python too by Michael Campbell

Neither are web frameworks.

I want to see more Single Page Webapp related frameworks by Alexander Kiel

We use a Stack of JPA, JAX-RS, GWT/GXT. Whats about GWT, Sencha, GXT, ExtJS? Whats about other single page web app frameworks?

ZK Framework by Andres Felipe Alzate Alvarez

ZK is another framewor for java

Where is the Apache Click Framework? by deng colin

Where is the Apache Click Framework?

Portofino by Giampiero Granatella

Can i suggest you Portofino?
It is a complete open source web framework.

Decidify is buggy by Kito Mann

I'm not sure what the deal is with the site hosting the survey, but it's really flaky. The list of frameworks didn't even show up under Chrome, and it let me submit a blank vote. I then was able to vote with Safari, but the confirmation page never showed up...

Re: JavaScript and Python too by Tim Fox

I meant add them as columns in the table.

Re: Aggravating! by James Lei

Don't you know how to create a new Gmail account meant for voting purpose?

Netty ? by Iman Rahmatzadeh

Since when did Netty became a web framework ?

One more ... by Kit Davies

Re: Netty - Does not make sense. by steve lin

Putting netty under this article, "Java Web Framework", is confusing. I cannot believe it happened in infoq.

GWT by Erik van Ingen

GWT client is formally not running on the JVM, but the server part is. GWT is probably only used in combination with a JVM, is heavily used and therefore should be part of the list of webframeworks on the JVM.

Spray for Scala by Yury Polyulya

Inspired by Sinatra like a Scalatra but have more seamless integration with Akka.

We should be able to vote AGAINST frameworks by Caspar MacRae

This would be great to see in the final stats - which frameworks are truly loathed, which are divisive, which have a small number of very content users. I'd like to see some other than a popularity contest.

Re: Frameworks list by Rene Nejsum

And where is Django/Jython ?

Re: Frameworks list by Gaetan Zoritchak

The same applies for play : 1 or 2!

Re: Netty - Does not make sense. by Carlos Saltos

That's true !!

Re: Spray for Scala by Carlos Saltos

Yes, that's right, Spray should be here too, and also Unfiltered and BlueEyes

Where is GWT and Vaadin? by Mostafa Rezaei

In my point of view, GWT and Vaadin are in top 5 best web frameworks in java. where are them?

Allowed html: a,b,br,blockquote,i,li,pre,u,ul,p

Email me replies to any of my messages in this thread

Allowed html: a,b,br,blockquote,i,li,pre,u,ul,p

Email me replies to any of my messages in this thread

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