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  • Soft Skill Patterns for Software Developers: The “Learning from Unintended Failures” Pattern

    Soft Skill Patterns describe human behaviours that effectively solve recurring problems. The "Learning from Unintended Failures" pattern helps us improve the resilience of a system after a failure. The pattern follows 4 steps: identify a failure, quickly resolve any immediate impact, analyse root cause and system behaviour during the failure, and finally generate and implement improvement ideas.

  • Are Unit Tests Part of Your Team’s Performance Reviews?

    No matter how often you conduct performance reviews, there is no doubt unit testing should be one of the metrics measured. Eli Lopian explains what makes a good unit test and how to measure them to ensure your development team is truly agile.

  • Q&A with Diomidis Spinellis on Effective Debugging

    The book Effective Debugging by Diomidis Spinellis describes 66 different approaches for effective debugging of applications and systems. It provides methods, strategies, techniques, and tools for finding and removing faults, and gives examples for using them in different settings.

  • Review: Designing APIs for the Web

    Mike Amundsen's video series "Designing APIs for the Web" is a straightforward dive into API design suitable for a broad set of stakeholders. The thirteen part series provides a rich blend of practical advice, new ideas & a bit of controversy to keep you on your toes. This article reviews the series so you know what to expect. It provides an overview of the content and a balanced commentary.

  • Interview and Book Review: Scrum Shortcuts Without Cutting Corners

    "Scrum Shortcuts Without Cutting Corners" by Ilan Goldstein is a must read book that delivers real world examples on how to effectively implement and embed Agile in your team or organisation.

  • The State of NoSQL

    Stefan Edlich, Senior Lecturer at Beuth HS of Technology Berlin, Germany, reviews NoSQL, considering its evolution, financial impact, the standards or their lack of, the current landscape, books, the leaders and some newcomers, concluding that NoSQL is here to stay.

  • Pattern-Based Architecture Reviews

    In this IEEE article, authors Neil Harrison and Paris Avgeriou discuss a pattern-based architecture review (PBAR) process to help with system-wide quality attributes. They also discuss how PBAR approach helps with agile practices like frequent releases, changes for user needs, and lightweight documentation. They illustrate the benefits of PBAR process with a real-world project.

  • Trust is good, Control is better - Software Architecture Assessment

    Testing is an important means to obtain information about implementations. Likewise, code reviews help to keep the code quality high. What is very common for code, gets sometimes neglected for software architecture. But how can a project team test the architecture itself? Software architecture assessment represents an effective approach for introspecting and assessing software design.

  • Practices from “SOA Principles of Service Design” by Thomas Erl

    “SOA Principles of Service Design” by Thomas Erl is an encyclopedia of service design principles needed to build SOA solutions. This article contains three supporting practices taken from the book: Service Profiles, Vocabularies, and Organizational Roles.

  • Patterns from "SOA Design Patterns" by Thomas Erl, Part 2

    Patterns from Thomas Erl’s book, “SOA Design Patterns”. Today, we present Chapter 16, Service Governance Patterns, comprising a number of 8 patters. Compatible Change, Version Identification, Termination Notification, Service Refactoring, Service Decomposition, Proxy Capability, Decomposed Capability, and Distributed Capability.

  • Patterns from SOA Design Patterns by Thomas Erl, Part 1

    In this article we present 3 Inventory Governance Patterns from chapter 10 of the book SOA Design Patterns by Thomas Erl: Canonical Expression, Metadata Centralization, and Canonical Versioning. They are part of an 85 patterns catalog that serves enterprise architects and developers to find and build strong SOA solutions based on tested and proven SOA practices.

  • Book Excerpt and Review: Smart (Enough) Systems

    Smart (enough) Systems is a book about Enterprise Decision Management. To make your systems smart enough, your core problem is knowing what's the right decision to make and how to make it when required. EDM is becoming a strategic area in IT as many organizations have found a gap between gaining insights from business intelligence and taking action to exploit that insight in operational decisions.