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  • Migrating Edge Network Providers at Envato without Downtime

    Envato, a CDN provider, migrated their edge network providers to unify their Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) and Web Application Firewall (WAF) systems onto one provider. An automated test-based approach to making infrastructure changes combined with monitoring and continuous feedback for regressions helped them make the move without any downtime.

  • Presentation: Under The Hood

    David Chelimsky takes a look at the Ruby Gems system - and a few very useful Gems: hpricot, builder, mocha, hoe, bones, and more.

  • RiCal: A New iCalendar Library for Ruby

    RiCal is an implementation of RFC2445, better known as the iCalendar format. We talked to its creator Rick DeNatale to learn why Ruby needed a new library for parsing and generating the iCalendar format.

  • Rails BDD with Macros, I18n,... with Remarkable

    There are many ways to develop, test and integrate your Rails application: from TDD with the basic Test:Unit or ZenTest, to BDD with RSpec, Shoulda or Cucumber. Remarkable tries to unify the syntax and adds some more flavors to make your Rails BDD painless.

  • Story Driven Development Recipes with Cucumber

    Behavior Driven Development's (BDD) popularity cannot be denied. By simplifying DSL writing, Ruby allowed the birth of many BDD frameworks. Cucumber is one of them and can also be used to test Java, .NET and Flex and more.

  • A Journeyman's Pair Programming Tour

    Corey Haines has embarked on a unique personal "Pair Programming Tour". Now three weeks into this innovative journey, Haines has posted video interviews revealing many of the unique insights he's gained about pairing, automated testing, and the evolution of a software craftsman while sharing the keyboard at the home-bases of Dave Chelimsky, Brian Marick, Uncle Bob Martin, and others.

  • Presentation: JRuby: Not Just Another JVM Language

    In this presentation from QCon San Francisco 2007, JRuby project lead Charles Nutter discusses the Ruby and JRuby featureset, the JRuby compiler, calling Java from JRuby and vice versa, programming Swing with JRuby, JRuby web applications, JRuby on Rails, persistence, build automation, Test-Driven Development and Behaviour-Driven Development.

  • Boost your Java Test with Ruby and JtestR

    The ease of Ruby for scripting tasks makes it a very powerful candidate for writing your Test suites. Until recently there was no real standalone framework to test your Java with Ruby. JtestR, written by Ola Blini (a member of JRuby team) and Anda Abramovici, makes it possible now. Ruby coupled with powerful Ruby tools such as RSpec, mocha will make writing Java tests smoother.

  • RSpec 1.1 - A Step Up for BDD advocates

    RSpec has become a poster child for both Domain Specific Languages and Behavior Driven Development (BDD), a type of Test Driven Development. The new RSpec 1.1 release adds improved support for Rails and other improvements.

  • RSpec Adds Eagerly-Awaited RBehave Functionality for Integration Testing

    RSpec is a Behaviour-Driven Development acceptance testing framework for Ruby or Java that enables developers to turn acceptance specifications from the business into executable examples of expected behaviour. Dan North built a separate extension, RBehave, to express story-level integration tests with RSpec. David Chelimsky has now incorporated RBehave-like functionality into the RSpec trunk.

  • Evan Phoenix on Rubinius - VM Internals Interview

    Rubinius is a Ruby implementation with a twist: it's written (mostly) in Ruby, building on concepts from Smalltalk VMs. We talked to Rubinius project lead Evan Phoenix about the state of the project and VM internals.

  • JRuby Team members doubtful about IronRuby

    Two members of the JRuby core team, Ola Bini and Charles O. Nutter, wonder whether Microsoft's IronRuby could possibly be a fully compliant Ruby implementation and run Rails, given Microsoft's policies. A viable alternative to IronRuby, the Ruby.NET compiler, is suggested.

  • Evan Phoenix hired to work on Rubinius

    Evan Phoenix, who created Rubinius, a Ruby VM written in Ruby, has been hired by EngineYard. He'll work on Rubinius half time. This means that all Ruby implementations (Ruby, JRuby, IronRuby, Rubinius) now have paid developers working on them.

  • Google SoC Series: Creating RSpec specs for Ruby runtimes

    The number of Ruby implementations grows steadily, but something is missing: a Ruby specification. The behavior of the Ruby language and its standard libraries is defined in the code of the main Ruby implementation. Two Google SoC projects aim to fix this by creating executable RSpec specifications for Ruby. We caught up with Pedro Del Gallego who works on one of these projects.

  • 14 Ruby projects accepted for Google Summer of Code

    14 Ruby projects were accepted for the Google Summer of Code bounty program. The projects range from a debugger for Rails, to a project writing an RSpec specification for Ruby, to protocol implementations using EventMachine and Ragel, and more.