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  • A Look Back at NDoc and Sandcastle

    The history of NDoc and Sandcastle is long and sordid. We take a brief look at that history and then check in on their successor, the Sandcastle Help File Builder.

  • Sandcastle’s Team Manager Dismisses Rumors About Project Termination

    To dismiss any rumors about the termination of the Sandcastle project, Anand Raman, Group Manager within the Microsoft Developer Division, has posted an update on the current status of the project. Sandcastle is a tool used for generating MSDN-like documentation by reflecting over the source code of a .NET project.

  • Sandcastle Source Released

    Last month there was an uproar over hosting Sandcastle, a closed-source tool, on the open source site CodePlex. In response to customer demands, Microsoft has decided to release the source code for Sandcastle.

  • Microsoft has Pulled Project Sandcastle for Open Source Violations

    In response to community pressure, Microsoft has removed project Sandcastle from their CodePlex website. This is a temporary move while they contemplate Sandcastles future.

  • Sandcastle: Generate .NET API Documentation

    Sandcastle is a Microsoft tool used to create MSDN like API documentation by reflecting over the source code assemblies and adding the XML comments included in the code. A new version of Sandcastle has just been released on CodePlex.

  • August Sandcastle CTP is Now Available

    Last week Microsoft released another community tech preview for Sandcastle. Sandcastle is the tool Microsoft currently uses to produce the API documentation for Visual Studio 2005. Anand Raman of the Sandcastle team claims that they can compile the documentation for the entire framework API in about 30 minutes.