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  • Hasura Remote Joins Implements GraphQL Data Federation

    Hasura Remote Joins allows developers to use a single data graph to query several underlying data sources. Doing so does not force developers to modify data sources. Developers instead configure the relationships between the federated data models. The unified GraphQL API, combined with Hasura’s handling of authorization and caching, may provide more consistent and secure data access at scale.

  • Ajv Joins the OpenJS Foundation

    Ajv, a JSON Schema validator for both server-side and client-side JavaScript applications, has joined the OpenJS Foundation. Ajv, which was recently awarded a grant from Mozilla’s Open Source Support (MOSS) program, may benefit from the OpenJS infrastructure and organization to grow the number of contributors and foster wider enterprise adoption.

  • Amazon EventBridge Schema Registry Now Generally Available on AWS

    Recently Amazon announced the general availability of the Schema Registry capability in the Amazon EventBridge service. With Amazon EventBridge Schema Registry, developers can store the event structure - or schema - in a shared central location and map those schemas to code for Java, Python, and Typescript, meaning that they can use events as objects in their code.

  • Clojure.spec is a New Contract System for Clojure

    Clojure has a new core library, clojure.spec, that aims to provide a standard and integrated system for the specification and testing of data and functions. Besides making it possible to automatically validate Clojure code, the new specification system can be used for a number of tasks such as generative testing, error reporting, and destructuring.

  • Facebook Open Sources Data Query Language GraphQL

    Facebook's Lee Byron talks to InfoQ's Rags Srinivas about GraphQL that powers billions of API calls on the site.