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  • Using DNS for REST Web Service Discovery

    Service Discovery is an essential aspect of service orientated architecture because it avoids early binding of clients to particular service instances. In this article, Jan Algermissen explains the need for discovery of RESTful services, and explains how the existing Domain Name Service (DNS) standard can be used as a widely-deployed and scalable solution.

  • Implementing Google's "Did you mean" Feature In Java

    Leandro Moreira shows how to implement a domain specific version of Google’s “Did you mean” feature based on the SpellChecker project in the Apache Lucene sandbox using thee alternative algorithms (Levenshtein, Jaro-Winkler and N-gram).

  • Compass: Integrate Search into your apps

    Many applications have the user requirement to search domain entities. SQL implementations quickly develop complexity issues as multiple fields are added. Java applications explore the Lucene indexing API but implementing functionality using it can prove time consuming. This tutorial walks through the process of using the Compass API to simplify this integration.