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  • Microsoft Edge Now Supports W3C WebDriver Recommendation

    Microsoft Edge now supports the recently ratified W3C WebDriver recommendation, making it easier to automate unit and functional tests with Edge. WebDriver is also now an Edge Feature on Demand, providing automatic WebDriver updates for each release of Edge.

  • Google Releases Puppeteer 1.0

    Puppeteer 1.0 has been released and includes dozens of improvements, including measurement of JavaScript heap and page performance, and code coverage information for JavaScript and CSS.

  • Firefox 46 Tackles Security Issues, Improves Performance

    Mozilla has released Firefox 46, including improved security of the JavaScript JIT Compiler, and delaying Addon signing.

  • UI Testing in F# with canopy

    Although Selenium is a popular library for UI testing, issues about fragile and unreliable tests are common. InfoQ reached out Chris Holt, creator of canopy, to learn more about the F# library built on top of Selenium.

  • XebiaLabs TestView Integrates Multiple Testing Tools

    XebiaLabs TestView is a test management and analytics tool, integrating the execution, data analysis and visualization of multiple functional and unit testing tools.

  • Testing End-to-End with Nightwatch

    Nightwatch is a recently released acceptance framework based on Node.js that uses Selenium WebDriver API to automate web applications testing. The tool promises a simple syntax which enables the writing of end-to-end tests using JavaScript and CSS selector that runs against a Selenium server.

  • Sauce Labs Appium Now Can Test Android and Firefox OS Apps

    Sauce Labs has extended Appium to support automated testing for Android and Firefox OS applications. Support for iOS was introduced earlier this year.

  • CloudMunch Launches a Full-Stack DevOps Platform

    CloudMunch launched its full-stack DevOps platform - a dashboard of pre-integrated tools for version control, build management, validation, automated testing, deployment and cloud connectors. The company claims its platform significantly simplifies deployment of applications and infrastructure.

  • Trends in the latest Technology Radar

    ThoughtWorks's latest "Technology Radar" focuses on mobile, accessible analytics, simple architectures, reproducible environments, and data persistence done right.

  • Selenium 2 (a.k.a Selenium WebDriver) Is Released

    The Selenium team has recently released Selenium 2 (a.k.a. Selenium WebDriver), a major update to the poplar test framework for web applications.

  • Functional Test Tools Workshop

    A group of people interested in improving the state of the art in Automated Functional Test Tools gathered for an annual workshop the Sunday before Agile 2009. Among the topics covered: Lightening Talk demos of various tools, Porting Cucumber to .NET, Documenting existing functional test tool capabilities in a spreadsheet and the limits of Capture/Playback tools.

  • Debugging Tips for Selenium Test Failures

    While Selenium has gained wide acceptance as a useful tool for automating browser-level tests, tracking down the cause of test failures can take significant time. Daniel Wellman has shared two of his best tricks to greatly reduce debugging time for failed Selenium tests.

  • WebTest vs. Selenium: Real and Simulated Browser Testing

    Choosing between functional testing tools that drive a real web browser, like Selenium, and those that simulate a browser, like Canoo WebTest? Marc Guillemot compared the two, and in his opinion, WebTest wins, with a score of 13-5.

  • Selenium Grid: Web Testing in Parallel

    Pervasive user-interface/acceptance testing can be a drag on test and therefore build speed. Selenium Grid offers the ability to run Selenium tests in parallel on one machine or on a farm of machines in a reliable, easy-to-use way. InfoQ speaks with the Selenium Grid team.

  • Is Selenium worth the pain?

    Is Selenium worth the pain? Atlassian developer Nick Menere has asked that very question on the Atlassian Developer Blog. In his blog post Menere looks at the roadblocks found while trying to use Selenium to test two new Ajax features of JIRA 3.10.


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