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InfoQ Homepage News CloudMunch Launches a Full-Stack DevOps Platform

CloudMunch Launches a Full-Stack DevOps Platform

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CloudMunch Inc last month officially announced the launch of its freemium full-stack DevOps platform - a dashboard of pre-integrated tools for version control, build management, validation, automated testing, deployment and cloud connectors. The software is hosted and managed as a service (SaaS) eliminating the need for developers to setup their own set of tools.

Starting at $100 a month for private and free for open source projects, the product includes a wide range of features covering DevOps and Continuous Delivery from development to production. CloudMunch claims its platform significantly simplifies deployment of applications and infrastructure. The ambitious feature set includes:

  • GitHub integration with intuitive project import into CloudMunch
  • Java, JavaScript, php, .NET, Ruby projects are supported
  • Simplified Jenkins for Continuous Integration
  • Developer tools integration such as most version control systems, Jira, Bugzilla
  • IaaS and PaaS connectors for seamless provisioning and deployment
  • Chef for deploy-anywhere continuous delivery
  • Continuous application and infrastructure integration & deployment
  • Cross-team social collaboration integrated into the dashboard
  • In-context, real-time analytics for build metrics
  • Automated testing and code quality frameworks such as Selenium
  • Monitoring of launched servers with AWS CloudWatch and Nagios

CloudMunch integrates these disparate tools into a project-oriented dashboard, one of its main differentiators. The project metaphor allows for an intuitive workflow. CTO and cofounder Prasanna Raghavendra explained in the company blog:

What we have done is to wrap Jenkins with project constructs so that it is easier to connect to the ALM world. Now one can link this to a release in a requirement management tool, and a project in defect tracking tool or a project management tool [...] Projects in the CloudMunch construct contain a branch, multiple jobs, multiple environments, multiple servers, a build progression workflow. All this wrapped in one entity helps evaluate software progress against its intended value, in a much better way.

With this feature set delivered as a service, Pradeep Prabhu, cofounder and CEO, claims its product offering is "democratizing continuous delivery." CloudMunch is available in an Express and a Pro edition.

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