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  • Recap of AWS re:Invent 2020

    This year the annual re:invent conference organized by AWS was virtual, free and three weeks long. During multiple keynotes and sessions, AWS announced new features, improvements and cloud services. Here is a review of the main announcements impacting compute, database, storage, networking, machine learning and development.

  • AWS Introduces Preview of Aurora Serverless v2

    During the first keynote of re:Invent 2020, AWS announced the next version of Amazon Aurora Serverless in preview. The new serverless version for the MySQL 5.7-compatible edition of Amazon Aurora scales in fraction of a second and introduces multi-AZ support, global databases, and read replicas.

  • BBC Online Going Serverless

    In a recent article, the BBC engineering team describes the work done moving BBC Online to the cloud and to a serverless deployment. Half of the BBC’s website is now rendered serverlessly with AWS Lambda.

  • Redwood - Bringing the Ruby on Rails Experience to JavaScript

    Tom Preston-Werner, co-founder of GitHub, released RedwoodJS, a new fullstack, edge-ready JavaScript web framework. Redwood is highly opinionated and integrates pre-determined back-end and front-end stacks. Redwood follows convention-over-configuration principles and strives to provide a Ruby on Rails-like developer experience.

  • Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose Gains Delivery to HTTP Endpoints

    Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose recently gained support to deliver streaming data to generic HTTP endpoints. This also enables additional AWS services as destinations via Amazon API Gateway's service integration. The new capability is complemented with dedicated integrations of additional third-party service providers like Datadog, MongoDB, and New Relic.

  • The Next Svelte May Be Serverless-First -- Rich Harris at Svelte Summit

    Rich Harris, the creator of Svelte, lifted the curtain over the experiments that have been taking place around Svelte (the UI framework and compiler) and Sapper (Svelte’s application framework). Harris gave a glimpse of a potential future in which Svelte is a serverless-first framework.

  • HashiCorp Supports AWS Lambda Extensions for Serverless Security

    HashiCorp has recently announced the public preview of the HashiCorp Vault AWS Lambda Extension. The new service is based on the recently launched AWS Lambda Extensions API and allows a serverless application to securely retrieve secrets from HashiCorp Vault without making the Lambda functions Vault-aware.

  • Google Announces New Capabilities for Cloud Functions: Languages, Security and More

    Google’s Functions-as-a-Service (FaaS) offering on its cloud platform is Cloud Functions, allowing developers to build serverless solutions which integrate with third-party services and APIs, or IoT backends. Recently the public cloud vendor announced several new capabilities for Cloud Functions.

  • IBM Introduces IBM Cloud Code Engine

    IBM has recently announced the beta availability of a new serverless compute service called IBM Cloud Code Engine. The service is a managed serverless platform that runs containerized workloads, for example web apps, micro-services, event-driven functions and batch jobs.

  • Using Serverless Backends to Iterate Quickly on Web Apps

    In a series of three technical articles, AWS has recently shown the advantage of building serverless backends to iterate quickly on web apps and be able to follow changing product requirements. These development methodology and architecture allow flexibility but increase coupling with cloud vendor services.

  • Operating Microservices & Securing Serverless: InfoQ Live, 25th August

    InfoQ Live, the virtual event where experts interact with the audience to share their experience and learning in relation to running microservices and serverless systems, is just a few days away. Attend in order to learn best practices for working with modular architectures and leave with peer-validated ideas that you can implement right away in your team and organization.

  • InfoQ Live Virtual Event on Aug 25th: Session Spotlights and Roundtables

    The inaugural InfoQ Live (Aug 25th) is a one-day virtual learning event that deep-dives into building and operating microservices and distributed systems. Discover practical strategies for the current environment that you can put into use straight away. Join world-class practitioners for inspiration, connections, and actionable ideas. See the InfoQ Live full schedule and the speaker line-up.

  • Micronaut 2.0 Enhances Tooling, Improves Support for Serverless and GraalVM

    Object Computing, Inc. (OCI) has formally released Micronaut 2.0, a major release of the full-stack JVM-based framework that helps create microservices-based, cloud-native and serverless applications utilizing languages such as Java, Groovy, and Kotlin.

  • AWS Serverless Application Model Supports Step Functions State Machines

    The AWS Serverless Application Model (AWS SAM) recently gained support for AWS Step Functions state machines. The new AWS::Serverless::StateMachine resource type enables developers to define state machines within a SAM template or in a separate file so that they can provision workflow orchestration as an integrated part of serverless applications.

  • The AWS Serverless LAMP Stack: the Future of PHP or Vendor Lock-in?

    In a series of three technical articles, AWS has recently introduced the new "Serverless LAMP stack". But not everyone in the open-source community believes that the successor of the LAMP stack is proprietary technologies from a single vendor, and alternative approaches have been suggested.


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