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  • DIY SOA: How to build your own Simple Service Repository

    One of the prerequisites for successful SOA implementations is service repository–a place to store and track changes of the existing Services portfolio. In his article Ben Wilcock describes shortcomings of existing commercial and open source implementation and proposes a simple Service Registry implementation. He also outlines how such repository can be leveraged is SOA delivery process.

  • Using DNS for REST Web Service Discovery

    Service Discovery is an essential aspect of service orientated architecture because it avoids early binding of clients to particular service instances. In this article, Jan Algermissen explains the need for discovery of RESTful services, and explains how the existing Domain Name Service (DNS) standard can be used as a widely-deployed and scalable solution.

  • Implementing a Service Registry for .NET Web Services

    In this article, Boris Lublinsky explains the design and implementation of a service registry that decouples service consumers and providers in a .NET-based SOA environment. The registry endpoint addresses and binding types, and additional configuration parameters, for example send/receive timeouts, message sizes, at runtime.