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  • eBay Adopts AsyncAPI for Asynchronous API Contracts

    eBay recently announced that it adopted AsyncAPI for its external asynchronous API contracts. In March 2021, eBay launched its first AsyncAPI-based contracts for its new business event notification capabilities.

  • Mary Poppendieck Discusses Containers, Microservices and Contract Tests

    At Craft Conference 2015 in Budapest, Mary Poppendieck discussed the ‘new software development game’ and offered advice on how best to utilise containers, microservices and consumer-based contract tests to lower friction and limit risk within software systems.

  • Lessons Learnt Using Microservices

    Several companies have reported their move to adopting Microservices. Recently Tom Livesey from startup Droplet has joined the discussions by posting several lessons they learnt when moving to that architectural approach.

  • unREST as the new REST?

    In a recent article Jean-Jacques Dubray discusses why we should be looking beyond REST and perhaps agreeing that it is not applicable to many areas in which it is being used. In an attempt to illustrate where he believes we should be moving, he proposes unREST, which is 3 simple rules for designing successful APIs.

  • The Open Group SOA Source Book

    Last month the Open Group made available their SOA Source Book. They describe it as “a collection of source material produced by the SOA Working Group for use by enterprise architects working with Service-Oriented Architecture”

  • Interview: Ian Robinson discusses REST, WS-* and Implementing an SOA

    In this interview from QCon San Francisco 2008, Ian Robinson discusses REST vs. WS-*, REST contracts, WADL, how to approach company-wide SOA initiatives, how an SOA changes a company, SOA and Agile, tool support for REST, reuse and foreseeing client needs, versioning and the future of REST-based services in enterprise SOA development.

  • 5 SOA Best Practices According to IBM

    Although many companies today are banking on SOA to help them respond faster to new and changing demands of the economic landscape, they are not always capable of achieving consistent measurable results. A recent white paper from IBM defines five best practices to achieve success with a SOA implementation.

  • Article: SOA Governance: An Enterprise View

    In a new article, SOA architect Michael Poulin explains the necessity for SOA governance to ensure an SOA initiative's success, and explains the role the OASIS SOA Reference Model and the accompanying SOA Reference Architecture assign to SOA Governance. Michael observes SOA governance specifics from the enterprise perspective and illustrates them with several examples of SOA Governance policies.