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  • Amazon RDS: MySQL Database as a Cloud Service

    Amazon recently added a new MySQL database offering to their Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform named Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS). InfoQ explores the benefits and shortcomings of this new service, how it compares to running a local MySQL database, maintenance and replication, the 4-hour weekly downtime window requirement, availability zones, and future plans.

  • Managing Amazon Services on the iPhone

    A number of companies have started to develop mobile applications for managing Amazon Web Services. The most popular device is iPhone and the main service considered is EC2.

  • Eventually Consistent, Revisited

    Building reliable distributed systems at a worldwide scale demands trade-offs between consistency and availability. Last month, Amazon’s CTO Werner Vogels posted an article describing approaches to tolerate eventual data consistency in large-scale distributed systems.

  • Amazon’s SimpleDB Enters Public Beta

    Amazon finished private beta testing and has entered into public unlimited beta of its cloud database service named SimpleDB. SimpleDB is meant to be a simple to be accessed database in the cloud, and Amazon is offering limited access to it for free.

  • Interview: Jeff Barr Discusses Amazon Web Services

    In this interview from QCon London 2008, Amazon Web Services (AWS) Evangelist Jeff Barr discusses SimpleDB, S3, EC2, SQS, cloud computing, how the different Amazon services interact within an application, the origins of AWS, SimpleDB and Microsoft SQL Server Data Services, globalization of the AWS cloud, the March AWS outage, SimpleDB Stored Procedures and converting between AMIs and VMWare.

  • Is Database-as-a-Service a Bad Idea?

    Data Management represents a strategic asset for Cloud Platforms as the most popular Data Services will likely command the largest platform market share. In a post this week, Arnon Rotem-gal-Oz argues that "Database-as-a-Service" is a bad idea. Would you trust your enterprise data to DaaS?

  • InfoQ Case Study: NASDAQ Market Replay

    In this case study InfoQ reviews the usage of Adobe AIR and Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) in the NASDAQ Market Replay application. It is an exciting time for the software industry, as the NASDAQ Market Replay implementation demonstrates that a powerful data driven application can be brought to the market quickly and deployed within a limited budget.