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  • Implementing Hexagonal Architecture using Life Preserver and Spring Framework

    Russ Miles recently shared some thoughts and ideas about the needs for adaptability in a system and how his implementation of the Hexagonal Architecture can help in achieving this. He used a Java and Spring based application to exemplify how such a system can be implemented.

  • Naresh Jain Discusses "Simple Design & Testing" And The Conference Dedicated To It

    "Simplicity" is a core agile tenet, particularly when it comes to software design and testing. Since 2006, Naresh Jain has been running a worldwide conference, the Simple Design & Testing Conference, for practitioners to collectively push the boundaries on the topic. Naresh tells InfoQ what's going on behind this small, but well-known conference and why he is so passionate about the topic.

  • J.B. Rainsberger: "Integration Tests Are A Scam"

    Well-known agilist and TDD expert J.B. Rainsberger has begun a series of posts to explain why his experience has led him to the thought-provoking conclusion that "integration tests are a scam".

  • Succession, an Agile Approach to Evolving Architecture

    Kent Beck wrote 'First One, Then Many' to explain the application of Succession to software design. Succession is a technique for evolving the architecture of a system from 'just enough for now' to what will eventually be needed. The example given is for a system that only needs to process one transaction today, but will eventually need to process many.

  • New Open Source project provides Object Oriented data access

    Kasper Sørensen has created a new open source project at called MetaModel. The project is a common domain model, query engine, and optimizer for different types of datastores, such as relational databases and flat files. MetaModel is a Java library that provides a fluent, object-oriented interface for SQL compliant queries.

  • Case Study: Developing a Custom Agile Practice Adoption Strategy

    Teams can get sidetracked by process when implementing Agile: they spin, trying to figure out which practices to start with, unsure which will have the biggest impact, or how they fit together. In their InfoQ case study, Amr Elssamadisy and John Mufarrige develop a customized adoption approach to help a team decide where to focus first - an alternative to adoption of pre-packaged methodologies.