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  • ServiceLayer for Point-and-click Web Services

    With ServiceLayer, adding SOAP and REST web service to your Java applications is as easy as point-and-click... and it can all be done at runtime. By using the graphical user interface, you explore an application, select classes and methods to deploy as services, and your done. Coding is no longer required.

  • Survey Shows SOA Growing Strong

    A recent TechTarget survery on SOA adoption from Feburary 2009 shows that SOA is definitely alive and well. Dave Chappell from Oracle agrees that the survey findings match what he sees in the field, as do separate Gartner investigations.

  • Interview: Tim Bray on the Future of the Web

    In this interview made during QCon SF 2008, Tim Bray talks about why he is not convinced with the buzz surrounding Rich Internet Applications and shares his ideas on Cloud Computing. He also expresses his opinion regarding the debate REST vs. WS-* and the future directions web technologies will be taking.

  • Agile Governance: The Bridge Between Management and IT

    Traditional project governance is used to describe the rules and processes that need to exist to ensure a successful project. At first glance the concept of governance and Agile seem to be incompatible however, most Agilists would agree that just enough governance might do more good than bad for the Agile project.

  • Microsoft Introduces .Net RIA Services

    Yesterday, Microsoft released .Net RIA Services which was mostly in stealth mode until now. In his presentation at MIX 09, Nikhil Kothari, explained "n-tier development and architecture is hard and un-natural. Our goal is to bring ASP.NET / RAD style productivity to RIA developmend"

  • Which SOA Testing Tool?

    Eric Roch asks what makes a good SOA testing tool? He provides a list of criteria that he used to evaluate the range of tools available.

  • SOA: Where Do We Go From Here?

    "Enough wrangling over whether SOA is dead, or is thriving, or never even existed, or crashed somewhere near Roswell, New Mexico. The indisputable fact is many organizations are now working toward service orientation for at least part of their business application offerings, and this will only grow.", says Joe Mckendrick, so where do we go from here?

  • Red Hat and Microsoft Get Together in the Virtualization Arena

    Red Hat has announced an agreement with Microsoft to support each other’s guests on their virtualization servers including coordinated technical support.

  • How to Align Process, IT and SOA Governance to Support BPM Initiatives?

    IBM just published the draft of a RedBook titled "Business Process Management enabled by SOA". The RedBook provides a general methodology which aims at aligning Process, IT and SOA governance to support BPM initiatives. The methodology defines a series of workstreams which are developed over a traditional project lifecycle.

  • Fremantle and Weerawarana on WSO2's New OSGi-based SOA Platform

    WSO2, the company behind many of the Apache foundation's Web services projects, has released new versions of most of its software, now running on an OSGi-based platform called "Carbon". InfoQ spoke to WSO2 co-founders Paul Fremantle and Sanjiva Weerawarana.

  • OASIS Releases a Raft of New Standards

    OASIS announced the release of 9 new standards in the WS-* architecture, including new versions of WS-AtomicTransaction, WS-ReliableMessaging and WS-Trust.

  • Case Study: Success with SOA at CISCO

    Harvinder Kalsi, lead architect at CISCO, shared artifacts, anecdotes and tips covering their four-step maturity process, major design concerns, and SOA platform at the last SOA consortium meeting. He also spoke about SOA success factors across people, process and technology dimensions, including the importance of business participation and business ownership of processes, policies and rules.

  • Optaros and MuleSource Help Nespresso With Next-Generation SOA Solution

    Nestlés Nespresso SA division, which is headquartered in Paudex, Switzerland, recently announced the successful completion the first phase of their SOA initiative 'NesOA' in just six months! Optaros and MuleSource helped define and implement a new middleware architecture called Nespresso Open Architecture, or NesOA.

  • Solo: Engine Yard on Amazon EC2

    Solo is a new offering from Engine Yard to run their software stack on Amazon EC2. We talked to Engine Yard's founder and architect Jayson Vantuyl to learn the differences between Solo and their present hosting services and what their target audience is.

  • Evaluating SOA Readiness: A Perspective

    David Conway an independent Enterprise Architect and SOA Consultant, shares his perspective on SOA readiness in an organization and gives some practical advice on what to consider before embarking on an SOA initiative.