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  • Data Integration Software XAware 5.2 Supports Data-First Design and Data Services Design Wizard

    The latest version of XAware, an open source data integration software, offers data-first design feature. XAware development team recently announced the general availability of XAware 5.2 version.

  • Article: Structured Event Streaming with Smooks

    The Smooks project has been used in several ESBs for transformation techniques since the first adoption by JBossESB. However, in this article Tom Fennelly discusses how it can be used for much more than that.

  • Microsoft ESB Guidance 2.0 CTP‏

    With the wealth of new features and support for Microsoft BizTalk Server 2009, Microsoft ESB Guidance 2.0 CTP, released last week, strengthens company’s position in the ESB market.

  • Introducing Windows Azure - Cloud Services Platform!

    Microsoft unveiled a major initiative today: Windows Azure. Azure is a "cloud services operating system": specifically, a single platform providing complete cloud-based development, hosting, and management services -- services for .NET managed code, SQL Server, and enterprise applications like Active Directory. Azure represents a fundamental shift in MS towards embracing cloud computing.

  • Implementing SOA Governance

    In this article, Todd Biske, an Enterprise Architect working for a F500 company, provides his guidance to implement a successful SOA Governance organization. He recommends a 3 step process focused on policy definition and enforcement. He also provides his perspective on the role of a SOA Center of Excellence with respect to Governance.

  • Mule 2.1 Enterprise and Mule Galaxy 1.5 Enterprise Released

    MuleSource, a provider of open source service oriented architecture (SOA) infrastructure software, announced the general availability of Mule 2.1 Enterprise and Mule Galaxy 1.5.

  • JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform 4.3 and JBoss Operations Network 2.1 Released

    Red Hat has released a new version of the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform (version 4.3) and a new version of JBoss Operations Network (2.1). The new SOA Platform allows for the remote monitoring and management of open source SOA deployments while the new integrated management platform aims to improve cooperative support.

  • Quest for True SOA

    In his new article Alex Maclinovsky describes a concept of Aspect-Based SOA infrastructure. He starts from the rational for such platform and uses several examples to demonstrate the advantages of such architecture. He also explains how this platform can directly support desired SOA governance, through introduction of additional aspects, directly supporting compliance to the enterprise policies.

  • Oslo Unveiled

    As the Professional Developers Conference (PDC) 2008 draws near, Douglas Purdy, Don Box and others are dropping some information about Microsoft Oslo.

  • SOA Adopting WOA?

    Dion Hinchcliffe writes about how SOA and WOA are actually more complimentary than competitive. According to Dion, adopting a WOA-based approach offers a lower entry barrier to developers as well as advantages over more traditional approaches to SOA. Dion believes that WOA is not synonymous with REST and that much of the anti-WOA debate is due to SOA vendors and pundits "protecting their turf".

  • Overview of the Appcelerator RIA Platform

    In this post, InfoQ discusses the Appcelerator platform with Matt Quinlan, Vice President of Community Development at Appcelerator. Quinlan highlights the strengths of Appcelerator and some of its common uses.

  • WOA Governance Is Different To SOA Governance

    In a recent article, Dan Foody CTO of Actional discusses how Web-based architectures need governance, but that it will be fundamentally different to SOA governance.

  • Open Source Data Integration Software XAware 5.1 Supports REST, XML Validation and JMX BizComponent

    The latest version of XAware, an open-source composite data services software supports REST operations, XML schema validation and enhancements to JMX BizComponent monitoring component. XAware development team last week announced release of version 5.1 of the data integration solution which can be used for creating and managing data services for Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) applications.

  • Oracle Unveils ts SOA Product Strategy

    After the Oracle acquisition of BEA it was not clear how Oracle was going to integrate often competing SOA products in its and BEA’s portfolio. In his presentation last month David Shaffer, VP Product Managemen for, Oracle Integration, described the Oracle-BEA product Strategy and Roadmap for SOA, BPM, Governance and Events.

  • Interview: Jerry Cuomo Discusses Virtualization, Cloud Computing and WebSphere Virtual Enterprise

    In this interview, Jerry Cuomo talks about Virtualization and Cloud Computing and what IBM is doing with WebSphere Virtual Enterprise to help virtualize middleware and application stack. He also explains the progression of virtualization using virtual servers, collection of servers, and virtual clusters. Jerry mentions that next release of WebSphere Version 7 will have a virtual appliance option.


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