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  • Applying SOA Lessons to Web 2.0 Implementations

    In their new article, two experienced SOA architects present five SOA best practices that can help to achieve success in adopting Ajax, REST, and other Web 2.0 technologies.

  • Optaros and MuleSource Help Nespresso With Next-Generation SOA Solution

    Nestlés Nespresso SA division, which is headquartered in Paudex, Switzerland, recently announced the successful completion the first phase of their SOA initiative 'NesOA' in just six months! Optaros and MuleSource helped define and implement a new middleware architecture called Nespresso Open Architecture, or NesOA.

  • SOA Equals Integration?

    After several years of existence, SOA continues on without a full consensus opinion on what exactly SOA is. A recent presentation at Gartner AADI Summit by Yefim Natis started a never ending debate about relationships/differences between SOA and integration.

  • Service Custodian

    Martin Fowler suggests that following the open-source model for developing software, might be a good way to solve the problem of "Who is responsible for the incremental development of cross functional/departmental services?"

  • Business Case for SOA

    One of the prerequisites for successful SOA implementation is an understanding of the business problem that will be solved and building a business case for the implementation.

  • The Generic SOA Failure Letter

    Gartner analysts have written a letter from a fictional SOA architect/engineer to their CEO/CTO explaining why SOA has failed for them. Even though it is a work of fiction it does cover some interesting points.

  • Moving the SOA Goalposts

    During the past several years industry tried to define and redefine SOA many times, often contradicting itself in the process. Is SOA really changing that much, or all this is happening due to continuing lack of understanding of what SOA really is?

  • JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform 4.3 and JBoss Operations Network 2.1 Released

    Red Hat has released a new version of the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform (version 4.3) and a new version of JBoss Operations Network (2.1). The new SOA Platform allows for the remote monitoring and management of open source SOA deployments while the new integrated management platform aims to improve cooperative support.

  • Overcoming Obstacles in Implementing SOA

    In his new article, Jonathan Mack provides a first-hand insight on meeting SOA challenges from business, technology and organizational points of view. He defines key components of successful SOA, major implementation obstacles, and the ways to overcome them.

  • How do you get Started with SOA Governance?

    Starting a SOA Governance organization is arguably difficult. Too much of it and people will try to avoid it while not enough of it will make people question its value. We review the answers provided by industry experts who share their experience.

  • 5 SOA Best Practices According to IBM

    Although many companies today are banking on SOA to help them respond faster to new and changing demands of the economic landscape, they are not always capable of achieving consistent measurable results. A recent white paper from IBM defines five best practices to achieve success with a SOA implementation.

  • Survey Says ... SOA Failure?!

    Assaf Arkin questions a recent report indicating SOA failures and Joe McKendrick of ZDNet examines the meaning of SOA failure in his article.

  • Complex Event Processing and EDA?

    Complex Event Processing systems and Event Driven Architectures have been identified as playing a larger role in sophisticated systems today and in the future. What that role is and how it is carried out are up for debate.

  • Gartner: Emerging SOA Patterns in the Enterprise

    Gartner analysts have observed increased adoption of the following 5 SOA design patterns * Multi-channel Applications * Composite Applications * Business Process Orchestration * Service Oriented Enterprise * Federated SOA

  • Only 1 in 5 SOA Projects Actually Succeed

    A typical SOA implementation is as much about solving business and organizational problems as it is about technology. A latest SOA survey by Burton group shows that unless these three SOA underpinnings are balanced correctly, SOA implementations are destined to fail.


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