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Gartner: Emerging SOA Patterns in the Enterprise

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As published on Jeff Schneider's blog by Tony Cook, the Gartner analysts have observed increased adoption of the following 5 SOA design patterns
1. Multi-channel Applications
2. Composite Applications
3. Business Process Orchestration
4. Service Oriented Enterprise
5. Federated SOA

The strategic planning assumptions in the article, point to some key trends in the timeline for adoption of these patterns in the enterprise

(To paraphrase)

By 2008
, more than 66% of new midsize and large interactive applications will be designed to support multi-channel access, up from less than 33% in 2007. Multi-channel Application is a pattern that separates the back-end business logic from the front-end logic and delivers full application functionality to a maximum number of users from various channels. As this increases we will see an increased investment in building composite applications.

By 2009, more than 75% of SOA applications will implement some sequencing control outside of code of the service implementations, via external BPM technology.

By 2010, more than 85% of enterprises will become service oriented, and will have combined their application integration and SOA management tools and organizations.

Through 2012, the majority of SOA-style applications will be interactive composite applications

Finally, considering the number of mergers and acquisitions, Federated SOA is becoming more relevant. The fundamental idea behind federated SOA is to logically split the enterprise into semi-independent SOA domains, each with its own specific SOA infrastructure, governance processes and SOA Center of Excellence.

Be sure to check out the original post for more insight.

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