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Diagnosing Web Application OutOfMemoryErrors

Posted by  on  Apr 15, 2010 3

Mark Thomas explains the common Java OutOfMemoryError failures, showing how to diagnose such errors. He also discusses the JVM and tc Server configuration parameters affecting memory settings.

Modular Web Applications with OSGi and the RFC66 Web Container

Posted by  on  Apr 11, 2010 2

In this presentation from SpringOne 2009, Rob Harrop provides a tutorial on creating effective modular web applications for OSGi and the RFC66 Web Container.

Open Source VI (vSphere) Java API for Managing VMware Platforms

Posted by  on  Apr 08, 2010

This talk gives an overview of the VMWare management API, how to configure vSphere/VMware Server, provisioning new VMs and managing their lifecycles, monitoring performance, and automating management.

Grails For Spring Developers

Posted by  on  Mar 31, 2010 1

Beside doing an overview of the Grails framework, Jeff Brown shows how to write a Spring-integrated application in Grails with Beans, DI, Spring MVC, DB transaction management and remoting.

Design Your Own DSL with Groovy

Posted by  on  Mar 26, 2010 8

Guillaume Laforge explains what makes Groovy to be better suited to create a DSL: closures, meta-programming, operator overloading, named arguments, demonstrating how to write a DSL in Groovy.

SpringOne Panel: The Future of Enterprise Deployment

Posted by  on  Mar 22, 2010

Javier Soltero, SpringSource CTO of Management Products, hosts this panel discussion on software deployment and what IT operations should be looking for when considering production system needs.

Industrial Strength Groovy

Posted by  on  Mar 19, 2010 3

Paul King presents some of the tools helping one programming in Groovy: Cobertura, CodeNarc, EasyB, GroovyDoc, GroovyMock/Spock, Hudson, Maven/Ant/Gant/Gradle, OSGi, and Spring/Guice.

What’s New in dm Server 2.0?

Posted by  on  Mar 04, 2010

New in dm Server 2.0: web bundles, SLF4J/LogBack, plan files, Integrated ConfigAdmin, remote repo for dynamic bundle download, improved admin console, SSH-enabled console, unified user/pass store.

Working With Spring Web Flow

Posted by  on  Mar 03, 2010 5

Keith Donald discusses controller modules, Ajax events, partial responses, security, data access, lazy-load exceptions, testing, flow design/implementation best practices, and deploying flows.

Building Modular Web Applications with OSGi

Posted by  on  Feb 18, 2010 3

Rob Harrop discusses OSGi in the enterprise, modularity in OSGi, the split packages problem, Bundlor, OSGi bundle usage, RFC 66, dm Server, OSGi services, and building an OSGi-based Spring MVC webapp.

Automating Operations with Spring Batch and Spring Integration

Posted by  on  Feb 10, 2010 7

Dave Syer and Mark Fisher demo using Spring Batch and Integration for real life situations where automation can save both operators and developers a lot of time by running automated batch jobs.

Faster Time to Value through Cloud Computing

Posted by  on  Jan 31, 2010

Charles Lee presents the values of cloud computing and introduces the audience to several SpringSource tools, especially Cloud Foundry, useful to create and manage cloud deployments.

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