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  • VS Express Editions Orcas CTP Available

    Along with the full version of Visual Studio Orcas in beta, the free versions that make up the Visual Studio Express line are now available.

  • Live From Redmond Coverage: Orcas Overview

    In conjunction with the release of VS Orcas Beta 1, the VB Team is hosting a series of live web casts. The first installment, presented by John Stallo, ran today.

  • SQL Server Compact Edition Released

    SQL Server Compact Edition has been released. As we reported in September, this product is being positioned as a replaced for the venerable Jet engine traditional used by Visual Basic programmers for lightweight databases.

  • SQL Server Everywhere: the Future of Lightweight Databases

    What is a developer who wants a light-weight, file-sharing based database to do? The answer is SQL Server Everywhere (SSEv). Like Jet, it is an in-process, file-sharing based engine. Though it lacks the functionality of SQL Server, it is suitable for small end-user applications that run on the desktop.

  • Occasionally Connected Clients ARCast

    Ron Jacobs' latest ARCast with Jack Goldstein goes through SQL Everywhere and how to use it for the occasionally connected client. It also has some brief mentions about some of the cool new synchronization technologies that are coming up in Orcas. Overall a nice starting place if you want to start thinking about how to deal with the occasionally connect client in your architecture.