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  • Article Series: Developing Apache Kafka applications on Kubernetes

    Apache Kafka has integrations with most of the languages used these days, but in this article series, we cover its integration with Java. In this series, we also discuss how to provision, configure and secure an Apache Kafka cluster on a Kubernetes cluster.

  • Securing a Kafka Cluster in Kubernetes Using Strimzi

    Deploying an Apache Kafka cluster to Kubernetes is easy if you use Strimzi, but that’s only the first step; you need to secure the communication between Kafka and the consumers and producers, provide RBAC to access topics, spread the secrets correctly to Kafka Connect components and all using a Kubernetes GitOps way.

  • Moving Kafka and Debezium to Kubernetes Using Strimzi - the GitOps Way

    Deploying an Apache Kafka cluster to a Kubernetes is not an easy task. There are a lot of pieces to configure like the zookeeper, the Kafka cluster, topics, and users. Strimzi is a Kubernetes controller making the deployment process of Kafka a child game. Moreover, Strimzi lets you manage Kafka using GitOps methodology as everything is executed using a Kubernetes YAML file.