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Three Experts on Big Data Engineering by Clemens Szyperski Martin Petitclerc Roger Barga Posted on Mar 12, 2017 Clemens Szyperski (Microsoft), Martin Petitclerc (IBM), and Roger Barga (Amazon Web Services) answer three questions: What major challenges do you face when building scalable, big data systems? How do you address these challenges? Where should the research community focus its efforts to create tools and approaches for building highly reliable, scalable, big data systems?

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Software is Dead; Long Live Software! by Peter Wang Posted on Nov 13, 2014 Peter Wang keynotes on the existential question of what software "is", in an age when hardware ranges from smartphones to bacterial DNA to data centers, and the pragmatic question of how software developers can stay afloat amidst the accelerating pace of hardware disruption.

Programming The Feynman Way by Ben Evans Posted on May 15, 2013 Ben Evans explores the idea that many of the characteristics of Feynman’s approach to physics are applicable to programmers, fueling the dream of a world where developers are free to be themselves.