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  • Tapabrata Pal on DevOps at Fidelity: Investing in Inner Source and Engineering Excellence -DOES 2022

    At the DevOps Enterprise Summit Vegas 2022, Tapabrata Pal presented the state of DevOps at Fidelity and their investment in DevOps and inner source. They were facing challenges with their tools sprawl, security, audit and compliance, and their metrics. They focused on a unified developer experience, their tools standardization, continuous compliance and contextual metrics.

  • Grady Booch on the Future of AI

    According to Grady Booch, most current AI systems are about pattern matching of signals at the edge and inductive reasoning, not true Artificial Intelligence. During his second day keynote at the 2018 QCon San Francisco, "Building the Enchanted Land", he explained his view that AI today is a "system engineering problem with AI components."

  • Evolving the Engineering Culture at Criteo

    Senior management should make engineering culture a top priority and create the framework which supports building a good engineering culture. You need values for culture to evolve, supported by rules that govern how things are done.

  • Developing Provably-Correct Software Using Formal Methods

    Computer-checked models can be used to prove that core communications and state management in a software program are 100% logically correct. Such models can also be used to generate 100% correct source code. The usage of formal methods can reduce costs and time to market and help to deliver highly reliable software products.

  • SEI Publishes The CERT Guide to Insider Threats Book

    What do ACTA, SEPA, PIPA, Stuxnet, Google have in common? They all have been hot topics in the press during the last months and they are dealing with information security. What, however, is commonly forgotten are internal threats related to espionage and stealing of company information.

  • Acceleration Problems in Cars caused by Software

    In a recent news report CNN has revealed a translated Toyota memo which links problems of the car manufacturer regarding an electronic acceleration concern to a software issue. When even news magazines pick up such stories, this shows the growing importance of software for embedded systems.