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  • Three approaches to JRuby GUI APIs

    Ruby already has a host of bindings for various GUI toolkits. JRuby now allows the use of Java's Swing and there are already a few libraries trying to make Swing less tedious to work with. We look at the approaches taken in Profligacy, Cheri, and the JavaFX Script clone Swiby.

  • Sun to Introduce JavaFX Mobile and JavaFX Script

    According to industry publications, Sun is slated to announce JavaFX Script at Tuesday morning's opening JavaOne keynote. JavaFX Script will target desktop, web, and mobile devices.

  • JadeLiquid Software Releases Pure Swing Browser Component Based on Firefox

    JadeLiquid Software has released WebRenderer Swing Edition a pure Swing embedded browser component built upon Mozilla technology. This allows support for features such as Flash, CSS and DHTML without requiring native browser support to be installed on the destination OS.

  • Will dynamic languages save Swing?

    Will dynamic languages save Swing? Does Swing need saving? These questions have been discussed in detail over the last few days with opinions varying from JRuby to Groovy as saving Swing to Swing not needing saving.

  • Beans Binding Update: Scott Violet on JSR 295

    Scott Violet has written an update on the status of JSR 295 (Beans Binding). While externally, there has been little happening since last summer, the expert group has made substantial progress and he posts a small demo and some code.

  • JSR 296 Swing Application Framework Prototype Release

    One of the common developer complaints with Swing since its inception has been where is the application framework. JSR 296 - Swing Application Framework which is attempting to address this issue released its first prototype this week.

  • Easier Swing Threading with SwingWorker

    In a new tutorial John O'Conner walks developers through using SwingWorker, which has been included in the core JRE for the first time with the release of Java 6.

  • How should Java UI's be constructed?

    Prompted by questions from an author of a Swing GUI design tool, lengthy debate was started on the topic of Java visual designers and resource based GUI's versus code generation on TSS and Slashdot. The TSS piece features the debate starting question of should a visually designed UI be binary / XML based or represented as generated Java code.

  • Interview with Hans Muller about JSR-296: Swing Application Framework

    Artima has an interview with Hans Muller, the spec lead for JSR 296: Swing Application Framework discussing where it fits in with existing gui toolkits and rich client platforms as well as how it addresses the main developer frustrations of desktop Swing development, including wiring actions, multithreading, and GUI design.

  • Marathon 1.0: Automating Swing UI Testing with Jython

    Marathon, a GUI testing tool that has languished at a .9 release for two years is back with a new 1.0 release. Jalian Systems has picked up the Marathon project and is working to build a product on top of it. Marathon, focused on end-user testing, allows you to record a sequence of actions in a Swing UI and save them as a testcase.

  • Instantiations Adds Google Web Toolkit Support with GWT Designer

    GWT has become the new favorite technology of tools providers. Instantiations, makers of visual design tools for SWT and Swing, has now added GWT support with the GWT designer.

  • A Comparative Look at Eclipse RCP and Netbeans Platform

    Eclipse RCP has been in the news lately due to increased adoption numbers and the growing use of OSGi. The RCP framework provides a jumpstart to developers looking at writing modular rich client applications. Many developers are unaware that the Netbeans IDE also includes a framework to develop such applications called Netbeans Platform.

  • MyEclipse 5.0 Released - InfoQ Interview With Genuitec

    Genuitec has released MyEclipse 5.0 Enterprise Workbench. This is the first release version that supports the new Eclipse 3.2 platform. Enhancements include support for Matisse UI development, Hibernate 3.1 and Spring 2.0, and enhanced webservices and JSF features.

  • jMatter: Naked Objects with Swing, Hibernate, and Web Start

    The jMatter framework, Eitan Suez' modern implementation of the Naked Objects Pattern using Swing, Hibernate, and deployed with Java WebStart, has been open-sourced this week. jMatter takes a domain model and then auto-produces 2-tier workgroup apps (Swing front-ends that talk to rdbms back-ends) intended to be used in a LAN or VPN environment.

  • Standard Application Framework for Swing Proposal Approved

    Unlike the web development world, the Swing community has long been lacking standards or frameworks for how to best design applications. This may change soon, as JSR 296, Swing Application Framework, has been approved by the JCP. The framework aims to standardize the basic structure of a Swing app including lifecycle, persistent session state, ascychronous event handling, and localized resources.


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