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  • SynLapse: Orca Security Publishes Details for Critical Azure Synapse Vulnerability

    In a recent article, Orca Security describes the technical details of SynLapse, a critical Synapse Analytics vulnerability in Azure that allowed attackers to bypass tenant separation. The issue has now been addressed, but the timing and the disclosure process have raised concerns in the community.

  • Interview: Tijs Rademakers and Jos Dirksen on Open Source ESB

    InfoQ has published a sample chapter from the book “Open Source ESBs In Action”, authored by Tijs Rademakers and Jos Dirksen, and took the opportunity to interview the authors about their experience in using open source ESBs in real-world projects.

  • Mocking Web Services

    Service simulation (mocking) – the ability to mimic service behavior even before they are implemented - enables service consumer developers and testers to parallelize their efforts without having to wait for service implementation to complete. Service simulation also provides a light-weight alternative to building expensive reference environments.

  • Interview: Paul Fremantle on the State of WS-*

    In a new InfoQ interview, Paul Fremantle, WSO2 co-founder co-chair of the OASIS committee that standardized WS-Reliable Messaging, talks to InfoQ about the state and relative importance of web services standards, the role of open source software for SOA, his views on the eternal REST debate, and WSO2's business model.

  • Apache Synapse 1.0 and WSO2 ESB 1.0 Released

    <p></p> <p>The open source mediation platform Synapse 1.0 has been released, as well as a commercial ESB product which based on it. InfoQ spoke to WSO2's CTO and Synapse committer Paul Fremantle, about the details.</p>

  • Apache Synapse Graduates from Incubator, Releases 0.91

    The Apache Synapse project has been promoted from the Apache Incubator to a full member of the Apache Web Services project. Apache Synapse is a mediation framework for Web Services that allows messages flowing through, into, or out of an organization to be mediated. The Synapse team has just released 0.91 of the project.

  • ESB Technology Goes Open Source

    Backed by Hummer Winblad and Morgenthaler ventures to the tune of $4M dollars, CEO Dave Rosenberg and Mule ESB Open Source Leader Ross Mason are ready to take on the biggest ESB players with their Open Source ESB strategy. But not only are other ESB companies waiting, but the field is already crowded with other Open Source options.

  • Apache Synapse Announces Milestone 2 Release

    Apache Synapse is a lightweight Web Services and XML broker based on Apache Axis2 and Axiom. Synapse has the ability to route, transform and log messages passing through it. Synapse has reached Milestone 2 and is now available to the community.