Article: Tapestry for Nonbelievers

by Scott Delap on  May 14, 2008

A new article by I. Drobiazko and R. Zubairov introduces v. 5 of the Apache Tapestry component-oriented web framework. The tutorial shows how to create a component and covers IoC in Tapestry and Ajax.

Java Web Frameworks Increase Support for Auto-Reload

by Geoffrey Wiseman on  Apr 25, 2007 11

Java web frameworks are increasingly adopting the ability to change portions of a web application and see the results immediately without restarting the server. This capability reduces the cost of the compile-build-test cycle, and helps to compete with the features of dynamic-language web frameworks such as Ruby on Rails or TurboGears.

Tapestry 5 Preview: POJOs and Annotations over XML

by Rob Thornton on  Feb 06, 2007 2

Apache Tapestry has released a preview of Tapestry 5, a complete re-write that adopts Java annotations over XML, POJO component classes over base class inheritance, and promises significant performance improvements.

Presentation: Zero Calories J2EE Case study

by Floyd Marinescu on  Dec 12, 2006 2

A lightweight approach with a rich domain model used directly in web-tier can increase both quality and speed of development. This case study, recorded at Javapolis 2005, looks at a Tapestry+Spring+Hibernate project by Nordija, how it was architected, how testability was introduced, and the level of simplicity achieved using the lightweight approach.

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