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  • Rancher Labs Release Lightweight Kubernetes Distribution "k3s" for Edge, IoT and Telco Platforms

    Rancher Labs has announced a new open source project, k3s, which is a lightweight Kubernetes distribution that has been optimised towards running within resource-constrained environments, such as edge or IoT locations, or within telco and manufacturing systems.

  • Continuous Delivery of Telecom Software at Ericsson

    The telecom industry has seen changes in service delivery processes in recent years via the adoption of DevOps principles and tools. Ericsson’s talk at the DevOps Enterprise Summit 2017 in London and their and continuous delivery paper outline the challenges they faced and how they overcame them.

  • Nokia sees the Silverlight

    Nokia announced it will make Microsoft Silverlight 2.0 available for its S60 phones running Symbian OS as well as Series 40 devices and Nokia Internet tablets. Silverlight will give developers opportunities to create rich and interactive applications running on multiple platforms.

  • InfoQ Case study: IP Telephony Integration

    This case study, takes a look under the cover of an IP telephony integration solution from Litescape. The case study gives an architectural overview and then zooms on interesting technical aspects including phone integration with WebEx/LiveMeeting, Java/.NET interop, HTTP vs. IPC communication between systems installed on the same machine, and over all lessons learned from the project.

  • Catching up with Java Use in Telco Companies (OSS/J)

    Java is probably more widely used in the Telco industry than any other platform, but this fact is not very widely known by Java developers, many of whom have only heard of OSS/J in passing. OSS/J A A new article explaining the need and impact OSS/J APIs standardize a range of Telco IT needs and are creating a standards-based component marketplace that is having a big impact.