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InfoQ Homepage News InfoQ Case study: IP Telephony Integration

InfoQ Case study: IP Telephony Integration

In this second InfoQ case study (see the first on the Brasilian National Healthcare System) we take a look at an interesting solution in the telephony space. LiteScape Technologies is a privately held software company that provides applications that unify the communications of an organization. These applications securely integrate IP telephony with business applications and corporate data on any IP device, including IP phones, mobile devices and PCs.

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This case study takes a look under the hood at Litescape's software solution, guiding you from requirements through an architectural overview of their Java and .NET implementation, and then zooming in some interesting technical aspects of their project including phone integration with WebEx/LiveMeeting, integration between Java/.NET interop, HTTP vs. IPC communication between systems installed on the same machine, and over all lessons learned from the project.

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