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Second Generation Lean Product Development: From Cargo Cult to Science

Posted by  on  Jan 22, 2010 1

Don Reinertsen explains why the ideas of lean manufacturing, though perfect for the predictable work of manufacturing, are inadequate for product developers.

Lean Thinking: What is Distinctive About It and Where is It Going?

Posted by  on  Jan 16, 2010

The question of where lean came from and how it has developed into a complete business system is addressed.

Jeff Patton on Lean Product Discovery

Posted by  on  Jan 16, 2010

The most difficult part isn't delivery, but the discovery of products that are truly valuable to the people that use them. Jeff Patton explores applying Lean thinking to product discovery.

Lessons from Target Value Design

Posted by  on  Jan 10, 2010

Hal defines and explains the 9 foundational Target Value Design practices that lean designers embrace to produce coherent work product without the usual shortcomings of the historical practice.

Re-thinking Lean Service

Posted by  on  Jan 03, 2010 4

Taiichi Ohno discovered some counter-intuitive truths as he developed the Toyota System. Similar counter-intuitive truths wait to be discovered by leaders of service organisations.

Creating a Model to Understand Product (and Software) Development

Posted by  on  Dec 17, 2009

Alan Shalloway presents two ways to look at Lean: 1) Lean as a thought process, a culture, a way for an organization to be, and 2)how to use Lean to solve problems.

The Tyranny of "The Plan"

Posted by  on  Dec 10, 2009 1

Predictability in the face of variability comes from establishing a reliable workflow and coupling it with pull scheduling. It comes from creating an adaptive, learning system, not a planned system.

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