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  • How to Win a Solar Race Using Agile

    The Nuon Solar team uses agile and Scrum to take the steps which add the most value to the project first, integrate different disciplines, ensure transparency and focus, and reflect to improve. Their goal is promote and educate the use of clean energy; the mission is to win the Sasol Solar Challenge in South Africa using the power of innovation.

  • Mitchell Harper: University Education of Software Engineers is a Waste of Time

    Mitch Harper, co-founder of, claimed in a recent issue of the Sydney Morning Herald that university education might be the wrong way to become a software engineer. According to Harper, a self-educated software engineer without an university degree: universities leave their students rather unprepared for the realities of being a software engineer.

  • Lack of Software Engineers Bears Risks

    Although many products and solutions increasingly leverage software as an essential fundament, software engineers are becoming a rare species in Western countries. The problem with scarce availability of well-educated software engineers is that many companies require more engineers then they can get and if that gap widens, this could damage the leading edge of some companies.

  • Unique Software Degree Program Restarted

    A unique university program of education in software and systems design has been restarted at New Mexico Highlands University. The program is based on experiential learning, features apprenticeships, and uses a radically restructured and accelerated curriculum. The program goal: "to produce a community of professionals capable of solving complex, "wicked," problems with computing technology.

  • InfoQ Virtual Training: Design, DSLs, Deployment Automation, Web-based services in May and June

    In-house training or tutorials at conferences are quite expensive, but what if you could attend some of the best tutorials by leading experts live and from your own office at a low cost? InfoQ is testing this idea with the launch of our virtual training: one-hour and half-day training initially covering agile, effective software development, web-based services, DSLs, and more.

  • Bowling Green Students Build Agile Software for Non-Profit Clients

    In the first program of its kind, students in Bowling Green State University's Agile Software Factory program learn about agile development by building real software for local community service organizations. Over the course of a 16 week semester, students go from initial client meeting to delivery of a working system. The program is supported through a partnership with the Agile Alliance.

  • Discussion: Leaner Tools To Better Prepare Undergrads?

    Greg Wilson challenged the aa-ftt community to support efforts to improve college graduates ability to deliver "product-quality code". Wilson's request primarily involves providing simplified versions of the tools used by professionals, such that they're digestible by undergraduate students.

  • Sun SPOTs: Programmable Devices for Java Developers

    Sun Microsystems has released the Sun SPOT platform under the GPL license. Sun SPOTs are programmable battery-powered devices controllable with Java technology.

  • InfoQ Interview: Dave Thomas on the Joys of Life-long Learning

    Guest interviewer Jim Coplien chatted with "Pragmatic" Dave Thomas at QconLondon 2007, covering everything from 'agile' publishing and academia to staying limber with code katas. Dave's career advice: Cultivate the passion of a 5-year old!

  • Does specific technology knowledge matter when recruiting?

    Does technology matter when it comes to recruiting developers? Or is the way of thinking the only thing that’s really important? In a time when many job advertisements are flooded with technology buzzwords, Dan Creswell found an Amazons recruitment ad that solely focuses on thinking and understanding.

  • Experience Report: Unique Work-Study Agile Development Apprenticeship at NMHU

    In 2004 a new work-study degree program launched at NMHU, using Agile practices to execute commercial projects. The premise: create a balance of people, software, systems, craft and agility to produce development teams 10 times as productive as their traditional counterparts. InfoQ brings you the story of a unique educational experiment: a challenge to think differently about training developers.