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InfoQ Homepage News InfoQ Virtual Training: Design, DSLs, Deployment Automation, Web-based services in May and June

InfoQ Virtual Training: Design, DSLs, Deployment Automation, Web-based services in May and June

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In-house training or tutorials at conferences are quite expensive, but what if you could attend some of the best tutorials by leading experts live and from your own office at a low cost? InfoQ is testing this idea with the launch of our virtual training: a series of live, online, one-hour "Briefing Sessions" ($65) and half-day "Training Sessions" ($135); bringing you some of the best tutorials by leading experts in a convenient format and an affordable cost. The intial offering includes:

  • Giving and Taking Design Criticism, 1 hour, May 27th, with Rebecca Wirfs-Brock.  Have you ever engaged in a design review where people didn't play fair? Do you have trouble giving design advice that sticks? An effective software developer or designer needs to be skilled at giving, asking for, and reacting appropriately to criticism.
  • Project Vital Signs, 1 hour, June 8th, with Stelios Pantazopoulous.   Attendees to this session will learn about the different vital signs that can be used on projects to bring near-real time visibility into their project's health, so their teams have the information they need to make informed opinions on corrective action.
  • Get Connected - A Tutorial on Web-bases Services, 1/2 day, May 28th, with Jim Webber.  This course will explore fundamental Web concepts and practices from simple patterns up to the REST architectural style and show how they can be used to create robust distributed systems - with all those - ilities that we love, but without all the complex middleware.
  • JavaScript DSLs for the Client Side, 1/2 day, June 3rd,  with Dionysios G. Synodinos. This talk reflects on more than a decade of real-world experience designing and implementing web user interfaces with JavaScript, starting from the 90's with custom made code and coming to the current time and the variety of industrial strength frameworks.
  • Shortening the Lase Mile: Build and Deployment Automation, 1/2 day, June 11th, with Troy Gould. Often the most painful, time-consuming and expensive part of building software is the integration and release process. This session explains how to implement the practices of continuous integration.

Each Session will consist of a live presentation with streaming audio. At the end of each session, attendees will have some opportunity for question and answer dialog with the presenter. Additionally, attendees will be able to interact with the presenter, and each other, for ten days following the offering via discussion forums. The initial sessions will be offered using WebEx as an environment and will be scheduled for the early afternoon Eastern Time Zone so as to reach the largest number of geographies.

The one-hour briefing sessions will focus on focused overviews or in-depth presentation of critical information of a highly focused topic, and will provide attendees with an intuitive understanding of the session topic in the least amount of time. Half-day sessions will have the scope and depth expected of a typical half-day tutorial at a professional conference.

Registration is open for all sessions.  Attendance is limited, register early to ensure your seat!  The first two offerings (Rebecca Wirfs-Brock and Jim Webber) are scheduled for May 27th and May 28th, respectively.

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