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  • Engine Yard Closes $15 Million in Series B Financing

    Investment from New Enterprise Associates,, and Benchmark Capital to help company keep position as leading Rails in cloud provider.

  • As-a-Service Approaching Parity with Traditional Offerings

    "as-a-Service" offerings are approaching parity with the more traditional software models on the market. Recent developments from both new and well established vendors in areas such as SaaS applications, infrastructure, cloud computing, development tools, runtime platforms, and configuration have increased the functionality, and perhaps the acceptance, of "as-a-Service" among more clients.

  • Engine Yard Takes $3.5 Million Series A From Benchmark Capital

    Pioneering Ruby on Rails-hosting company Engine Yard has taken $3.5 million Series A in a round led by the prominent VC firm Benchmark Capital. Benchmark is responsible for early stage funding of some very successful startups such as eBay, Linden Labs, Yelp and Zillow. The move strikes confidence into the hearts of Ruby fans everywhere.

  • Opinion: Steve Jones's SOA Vendor Ratings

    Steve Jones has written a blog entry where assesses the main SOA vendors' offerings, including IBM, BEA, Oracle, SAP, Sun, and Microsoft, using a wide range of categories.

  • HP/Mercury Acquisition: Commentary

    Mercury's Systinet Division provides one of the leading SOA governance platforms. InfoQ gathered commentary on the acquisition of Mercury Interactive by HP, and what it means for the SOA governance market place.

  • SOA Link Adds Testing/QA Partners

    The SOA Link initiative, started by SOA Registry vendor Infravio in May, expands to include testing and QA vendors iTKO, Mindreef, and Solstice.


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