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  • Is It Time For WADL in JAX-RS?

    At JavaOne 2012 in a panel session around the future of Java EE, the audience were keen to know whether or not WADL should be a standard part of JAX-RS. Although the panel were unable to agree, the audience appeared to be more pro WADL than against. So is this a good thing or is WADL still considered unnecessary for successful REST?

  • HATEOAS as an engine for domain specific protocol-description

    Explaining HATEOAS is notoriously tricky, In an effort to make it easier, Nick Gall explores the idea of describing it as an engine for domain specific protocol-description.

  • Interview: Ian Robinson discusses REST, WS-* and Implementing an SOA

    In this interview from QCon San Francisco 2008, Ian Robinson discusses REST vs. WS-*, REST contracts, WADL, how to approach company-wide SOA initiatives, how an SOA changes a company, SOA and Agile, tool support for REST, reuse and foreseeing client needs, versioning and the future of REST-based services in enterprise SOA development.

  • Presentation: REST: A Pragmatic Introduction to the Web's Architecture

    In this presentation recorded during QCon London 2008, Stefan Tilkov introduces the audience to REST seen as an architectural style. He thinks that REST is not an alternative to SOA but it can serve SOA to reach its goals. Stefan also covers other related topics: HTTP, WS-*, SOAP, CORBA, RPC, enterprise, in an attempt to make the listeners understand what REST is and what is not and how it helps.

  • W3C Workshop on Web of Services Report

    The W3C has released a report about the results of the Workshop on the Web of Services for Enterprise Computing, which was held in February.

  • REST Describe and Compile

    Thomas Steiner, author of the REST Describe & Compile tool, which creates a WADL description from existing REST messages and can generate code from WADL, answers InfoQ's questions.

  • Debate: Does REST Need a Description Language?

    Following up on the debate of REST vs. WS-* discussed here last week, it is interesting to note a debate about "contracts" for RESTful services that has been picking up pace over the last few days.

  • WADL REST API description language getting some attention

    Many REST API description languages exist but none have seen major uptake; recently WADL has been getting more attention. Yahoo!'s Mark Nottingham is maintaining a stylesheet to generate docs from WADL. Google's Thomas Steiner unveiled plans for a Google project for generating language specific clients from WADL, & generateing WADL from documentation. Sun is adding WADL tools to SDWP.